We’re geeks who love to code,
and we're damn good at it.

When it comes to programming and web development, you want to get things done quickly, efficiently, and without having to fix bugs on a daily basis. At Ekerbase, that's where we truly excel. We've developed workflows that allow us to create incredibly complex projects with awesome efficiency. Our code standard, its scalability and maintainability, is second to none.

Thanks to our high level of technical skills and expertise in the field, our team of developers brings to the table a proven ability for speed and efficiency – working on a range of online catalogs, eCommerce platforms, and interactive websites that simply look and work amazing.

Technologies and platforms.

The complexity of today's technology, platforms and frameworks can be overwhelming. There's a huge range of solutions, and each comes with its own pros and cons. In order to overcome this, we've mastered, and then re-mastered (you heard right) the most powerful and popular technologies of today.

Our solutions incorporate an easy-to-use CMS, usually Joomla, WordPress, Magento, or our custom CMS, that will allow you to quickly build, monitor and update your website – whenever you need, and however you want. We combine the latest technological innovations with beautiful, custom made designs – giving you a much more effective web presence.

If that's not enough - we are huge contributors to what is known as "Open Source Software". Plugins and modules of our creation run on over *hang tight* - 250,000(!) websites across the world. Yes, our code powers more than a quarter of a million websites. We know the deal.

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We're geeks who love to code.
Excellent choice.