Nine Perfect Strangers: Nicole Kidman Role

Nine Perfect Strangers: Nicole Kidman Role

Nicole Kidman plays Jane Costello, a woman with a history of believing she knows what’s best for other people. (She even uses that knowledge to justify screwing over friends and family members who cross her.) 

The series starts out with Jane and three other women at the resort: wealthy socialite Amanda (Kerry Washington); Beth (Natalie Dormer), who was raped as an 18-year old and is carrying her rapist’s baby; and Casey (Bailee Madison), a young woman who lost both her parents at an early age.

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Nine Perfect Strangers takes place over the course of a single weekend at the resort, with Jane’s manipulations of everyone quickly evolving into outright abuse. It plays out with both the tension of an event movie and the intensity of a thriller, all underlined by its lush visual palette.

The show is rife with hammier moments, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They’re fun, and they’re meant to be that way—how many shows can you think of that center around an ultra-capricious character like Jane? 

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Its characters mostly serve as plot devices for Kidman and Washington to play out one crazy scheme after another, with their normal lives always in the background.

It’s to the show’s credit that it doesn’t underestimate its audience, who are invited to revel in the series’ manic energy rather than constantly wish they could return to it.

With all that said, Nine Perfect Strangers is an ambitious show that ends up being far more of a good thing than necessary. At two hours, it’s overstuffed with characters and plots, with twists coming so fast you can barely keep track of what happened last week. It’s made for binge-watching, but even after two viewings to try to keep it all straight, its big reveals landed with a thud rather than a bang.

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It’s also flirting with the smug, self-satisfied tone of Big Little Lies. Like the series, Nine Perfect Strangers stars Kidman as an insufferable character.

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