John Cena Replied to Dave Bautista Stating He’d Never Cast In a Film With Him

John Cena Replied to Dave Bautista Stating He'd Never Cast In a Film With Him

John Cena replied to Bautista to say he’d never star with him: Well then. Good to know that Cena and Bautista, at the very least, will never be starring in a movie together. The beef is front and center now, as Bautista has made it quite clear he doesn’t like Cena as an actor.

The Rock, Bautista, and Cena all starred in 2017’s The Marine 6: Close Quarters. John Cena started talking about it to say he was fine without Bautista:

Ah, that’s fine. Good to know that Cena is fantastic with the idea of starring in a movie with Bautista. That said, don’t expect these two to team up any time soon. Bautista was quick to make his thoughts on the idea obvious.

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Bautista noted that he was good, but rather than leave it, he decided to let people know why he wasn’t all that interested in starring in a movie with Cena. He made it quite clear that it’s nothing personal, but simply because the two men are in two different worlds.

Bautista is not exactly setting the box office alight, but he doesn’t seem too bothered by this. Bautista is a big deal in the wrestling industry.

Cena is going to try and get the chance to star in a movie with Bautista regardless. Perhaps he can finally prove himself to be an acting force, too, regardless of the beef with Bautista? We’ll find out when Vacation Friends comes out.

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Conversation Between John Cena And Dave Bautista

John Cena basically told Dave Bautista to just keep his mouth shut:

We’d never question CBHD’s motives, but why would he go after Cena, who is clearly an established star in the entertainment industry. If anything, the beef is usually with the man who took “acting lessons” from Bautista himself. Maybe they’re secretly friends? Regardless, this feud doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how it evolves in 2018.

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WWE’s John Cena Reacts To Dave Bautista’s “Nah, I’m Good” Response

The beef between Dave Bautista and John Cena is not going away anytime soon. The actor is still picking fights with the WWE star on social media. And unfortunately, the two don’t seem to be backing down any time soon. 

Bautista took to Twitter to voice his thoughts regarding a potential movie with Cena. The controversial DCEU actor went on a rant regarding what should have been left behind in 2017.

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